Tuesday, 18 March 2008

My Family

Hi everybody, my name is Jan.

I am married to a wonderful man called Mick,

and we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary on xmas eve.

He has been my life along with our three wonderful kids,

well more like adults now, they like to think they are anyway!!

We have 10 beautiful grandchildren that our brood have produced!

Gosh makes me feel really old! and like to add I dont think I am! lol

Well I work as a surgical staff Nurse at the local hospital,

and my husband drives a 360 JCB thingy, we are currently

renovating our newly purchased home, will upload images later,

Mick has been trying to organise the garden and build our wonderful

collection of Koi a new home, I hope they like it as much as their old one!

this has proved to be a bit of a pain in the butt for Mick as he had to

clear our garden first! The garden was full of trees and resembled

more of a jungle, than a village garden, I can remember hearing David

Bellamy in the undergrowth! Well a very good impression of one from

my brother-in-law. lol

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